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You Are Strong.



Handcrafted WarClubs


Hand crafted WarClubs to develop explosive streng​th, improve coordination and shoulder ​mobility

My mission is to take raw, real material and create a WarClub that is stronger than any other workout mace or club on the market. Instead of using cast iron, which is brittle and nearly impossible to repair if broken, I use mild steel, welding the handle 360 degrees in two different places, making the most durable workout mace available. Not to mention with my customizable plates, you can add a word or quote that inspires you to work harder. 

If you want to Become Stronger, why use equipment that is weak?

Newly Designed Loadable


Weighs 15lbs empty and can be loaded up to 30 pounds

using steel BB's, lead shot or even sand! 

Prices start at $85

Custom Motivation Plates and Etched artwork available 

for an addition fee.

Message me and we'll design a WarClub that fits your your style!


Specs and Details

Weights Available- 10# to 60#

Handle Length- 39 inches to 41.5 inches

Overall Length- 44 inches to 50.25 inches. 

Regular Handle Diameter- 1.25 inches

Fat Grip Handle Diameter- 1.50 inches (This will smoke you)

Words have Power 


I craft these by hand stamping each letter into the metal ring and then weld the two sides together giving it a nice heft. (The reverse side is stamped with "Become Stronger")  Wear it as a necklace, put it on a key chain, or simply carry it in your pocket.  Use it as a reminder to work hard and make amazing things happen!

Become Stronger

WarClub Spartan Complex

Just a quick video explaining how to do the Spartan Complex Workout. This thing will smoke you. 

-Become Stronger-

WarClub Work


This move is great for improving shoulder mobility!


Strengthens core, shoulders and arms, add a squat into the move for even more of a workout!

WarClub VS. Cast iron

There are some big fitness equipment companies out there that brag about their Cast Iron workout maces, cast iron is super brittle. Definitely not the right material to use for a mace! I make the strongest workout mace on the market and each one is made to the customers exact specifications. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. 

Become Stronger and WarClub Info

Just explaining why I'm doing what I'm doing with my WarClubs and metal art work. 

Handmade with attitude

24/7 Customer Support

Strongest workout mace on the market

Free Returns

Raw Industrial Style